Pop Resort Reed Diffuser

Pop Resort Reed Diffuser

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We love Pop Century! if you love it too you can burn this & it will take you straight back to walking through those doors with that exact same lobby smell. Scents of fresh & citrus.
Pick this up as a candle, wax melt and a room spray too.

*please note colour variation will accur depending on fragrance*

- No animal by products are used within any Dole Wicks products.

- None of our ingredients are tested on animals (Cruelty free)

- All our packaging is now fully recyclable or biodegradable. 

Reed Diffusers 

With low maintenance our diffusers will give you an all day long scent throw of your chosen scent. Lasting up to 3 months, sometimes even longer! 

Our diffusers come in a clear glass filled with your fragrance and a gift-able kraft box. Each 100ml diffuser comes with 6 4mm x 240mm luxury natural rattan reeds. Bottle size 55mm dia x 115mm height.

Please note you will get the most of your diffusers in a small to medium sized room such as bathroom, entrance room, utility etc. Larger rooms may require more than one diffuser for the scent to fill the room. 

By purchasing a Dole Wicks reed diffuser you are adhering to the below safety instructions.

- To set up your new diffuser ensure stopper is secure, gently and carefully shake to mix the fragrance. To remove safety plug use gloves if possible to prevent skin contact with the oil. Fragrance oils may give an allergic reaction, if in contact with skin was off immediately and thoroughly with warm soapy water. Always remove the stopper over a stainless steel or ceramic surface where possible & avoid spillage. Oils will damage natural materials, polished surfaces and textiles. 

- Directly place reeds into bottle, for a more subtle scent you can remove reeds as desired. Every so often you may flip the reeds to refresh the fragrance throw. 

- Always place your diffuser out of reach of children and pets. Place diffuser on a non natural/polished/textile surface. Oils may stain and damage these surface types. If spillage occurs clean up immediately.

- Do not consume. If consumed seek medical attention immediately. Always keep the packaging with the ingredients for medical purposes.

- Keep away from direct sunlight or heat sources to avoid the reeds drying out and the oil evaporating too quickly. 

- Diffusers are extremely flammable. Keep away from naked flames, do not light reeds.

- Diffuser oils are not suitable for electric oil diffusers or humidifiers.

 Dole Wicks products are used at your own risk. By following these care instructions we are sure you will get the most out of your diffuser. Dole Wicks does not take responsibility for any damage caused as a result of misuse of its products.

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