Live Your Dream Park Pillars - Pillar Candles
Live Your Dream Park Pillars - Pillar Candles
Live Your Dream Park Pillars - Pillar Candles

Live Your Dream Park Pillars - Pillar Candles

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Finally they are here! Add that subtle magic to your home decor with Dole Wicks Park Pillars. Our first theme is inspired by Tangled in a two tone lilac and pastel yellow colour way scented with a delicious almond macaron fragrance. You can smell them without lighting them! They are chunky and made from 100% soy wax.

Style your park pillars on your fireplace, side boards, bed side tables, shelving, anywhere to add a pop of colour!

keep your eyes peeled for our next drop! 

Tall Ribbed - Width: 3.5 Centimetres; Height: 27 Centimetres

Short Ribbed - Width: 3.2 Centimetres; Height: 15.5 Centimetres

Short Chunky Ribbed - Width: 4.5 Centimetres; Height: 10 Centimetres

How to use? 
we personally prefer to have these as cute home decor but if you must burn our park pillars then please make sure you burn on a fire proof candle plate big enough to catch the melted wax with sides.
These candles are not in containers so the melted wax must go somewhere and you don’t want that to be your furniture or flooring! A side plate would do the trick. 

Ensure the wick is trimmed to 5mm before burning and between burns.

- No animal by products are used within any Dole Wicks products.

- None of our ingredients are tested on animals (Cruelty free)

- All our packaging is now fully recyclable or biodegradable.

Each one of our pillar candles are handmade one at a time. Due to the nature of being handmade everyone can be unique. Each batch could have slight colour variations but we take care to ensure they are all the same. 

 Dole Wicks products are used at your own risk. By following these care instructions we are sure you will get the most out of your diffuser. Dole Wicks does not take responsibility for any damage caused as a result of misuse of its products.