Harry Potter Wax Melt Bar Bundle

Harry Potter Wax Melt Bar Bundle

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You will get 3 full size wax melt bars.

Diagon Scoops - Inspired by the famous wizening ice cream parlour. We had to scent this with raspberry ripple ice cream. Smells good enough to eat (but please don't) Nothing better than the Orlando heat & popping into Floreons! 

Wizarding Beer - Take yourself to the most famous wizard pub with this wonderful scent of the famous wizarding beer! Sweet, buttery & glorious! 

Headmaster's Office - "Password?" "Sherbet Lemon" ICONIC 
Inspired by the headmasters tower with scents of actual sherbet lemon, it smells SO good! Just buy a Phoenix & you're there! 

- No animal by products are used within any Dole Wicks products.

- None of our ingredients are tested on animals (Cruelty free)

- All our packaging is now fully recyclable or biodegradable. 

Wax Melts

Our wax melt packaging is produced from mostly recycled plastic within the UK & is also 100% recyclable at kerbside pick up. Please recycle me after use. 

Our highly scented inspired 10 cube melt bars are made with a soy blend wax and are great for testing new scents or if you just prefer your burners to candles.

Just pop out the melt from the container and break off as many cubes as you wish depending on how strong you would like the fragrance.

 Dole Wicks products are used at your own risk. By following these care instructions we are sure you will get the most out of your diffuser. Dole Wicks does not take responsibility for any damage caused as a result of misuse of its products.